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Buick: Symbol of Prestige

Buick Motor Company has a long history, dating back to the 1890’s. The official incorporation date is May 19, 1903, but the company’s roots go back to 1899 when David Buick tinkered in plumbing, farm/boat engines and then created the Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company, which sold engines for the farm and boat markets. The business name was briefly changed to Buick Manufacturing Company before incorporating into what it is known as today, Buick Motor Company. Buick has changed their logo several times throughout their rich and prominent past. Let's take a look at Buick's logos, dating back to 1904.

Buick Motor Division’s famous “tri-shield” emblem, basically three shields inside a circle, can be
traced directly to the Scottish ancestral coat of arms of David Dunbar Buick. Even earlier, in Buick Manufacturing Co. literature (a 1902/03 catalog) a depiction of Uncle Sam walking astride a world and pulling a Buick engine on a wheeled cart with slogan, “Known all over the world” is linked with brand history. The first widely recognized use of the Buick name was a large brass cursive “Buick” that appeared on the mesh radiator grille of early 1900s models. There is some controversy but it is believe in 1905 models could also be seen with “Buick Motor Company” in block letters and/or “Buick” on running boards.

In 1911, the Buick logo appeared with a giant “B” with the “uick” inside it. About that time, the famous Buick slogan, “When better automobiles are built, Buick will build them,” also was introduced.
1911 Buick Logo

The Buick script framed inside dates to around 1913 and showed up in grille designs well into the ’30s. Other Buick icons included hood ornaments came about during this early period. In the mid 1930s, a General Motors Styling researcher, researched ancestral arms of the Scottish Buick family and decided in an attempt to modernize the logo to incorporate it.

The interpretation is that the red shield with a checkered silver and azure (light purplish blue) diagonal line running from the upper left corner to lower right, an antlered deer head with a jagged neckline in the upper right corner of the shield and a gold cross in the lower left corner. The cross had a hole in the center with the red of the shield showing through. Minor changes to the concept were made over the years.

By 1960, the logo went from one shield to the tri-shield, representing the three Buick models then being built, LeSabre, Invicta and Electra.
1959 Buick Logo

In 1975, the the Skyhawk line came about and so did a hawk perched on block letters of Buick . In the 80’s the popular hawk mascot (named Happy) retired and Buick decided to re-emphasize the tri-shield. Today the tri-shield is modernized in Buick marketing and advertising, emphasizing the outline of the original design. The buck’s head and cross are gone, the diagonal no longer checkered. With the new see-through design, there are no longer colors in the shields.
source: Penske

Buick Today

We are proud to have the Buick name at Ferguson Buick GMC. Ferguson added the Buick franchise in 1996, marking the beginning of Ferguson Buick GMC. Today the company produces some of the most luxury cars and SUVs on the market. We have all the new Buick models including: Buick LaCrosse, Buick Regal, Buick Verano, Buick Enclave, and Buick Encore. We are proud to offer Buick luxury and enjoyment to Green Country.

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