Thursday, September 5, 2013

GM Helps Environment with Urban Gardening Project

"All gardening is landscape painting." - William Kent

Urban gardening is a ever growing trend in major cities all across America. Urban gardening is the process of growing plants of all types and varieties in an urban environment. Tulsa has not missed out on this trend. Urban gardening has sprouted up all across Tulsa. There are many benefits with Urban Gardening that help contribute to the trend's success. It provides many environmental, social, and health benefits.

With seven billion mouths to feed, human agriculture exerts a tremendous toll on the planet, from water draws to pollution, and from energy use to habitat loss. By growing what we need near where we live, we decrease the "food miles" associated with long-distance transportation. We also get the freshest produce money can buy, and we are encouraged to eat in season. Another benefit of urban farming is that it can add greenery to cities, reducing harmful runoff, increasing shading, and countering the unpleasant heat island effect. 

You can also get very creative with urban gardening. Urban gardeners have used all kinds of recycled materials to customizes and build construct their gardens, adding to the trends environmental benefit and popularity. All times of recycled materials can be used; house-hold items, tires, and even shipping crates.

GM donated 100 used shipping crates to be used for urban gardening in vacant parking lots across their Detroit home. Local residents have access to the free produce, and are encouraged to help with watering and maintenance. Together with volunteers, the project’s productivity has doubled since last year, yielding 2,400 vegetable and herb plants during this summer. “We enjoy connecting with people making a difference through sustainable means,” said GM waste-reduction manager John Bradburn. “These urban garden initiatives are proof that many items can have a higher purpose after their original use, whether it’s transforming a once-vacant parking lot or the creative reuse of manufacturing packaging.”

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source: GM Authority

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