Thursday, February 6, 2014

Aloha Old Man Winter, Aloha Hawaii

Aloha GMC lovers! Last week Punxsutawney Phil declared there will be six more weeks of winter; not the most pleasant news for anyone, in Oklahoma, eager for the return of Spring. Tulsa and Green Country residents have already had to brave bitter arctic winds and several ice storms this winter. 

If Phil's prediction makes you feel depressed, we thought we'd help warm things up by taking you away from old man winter's grip and transporting you to the beaches of Hawaii, with this righteous 1990 GMC concept truck called the GMC Mahalo.

Mahalo is a Hawaiian word meaning thank you, used to express gratitude, praise, or respect. In 1990, GMC attempted to bring the Aloha-spirit of Hawaii to the mainland, with the 1990 GMC Mahalo concept truck. 

As we take a look at the Mahalo, try not to find yourself reaching for your swimsuit.

1990 GMC Mahalo Concept Truck
Notice how this convertible, GMC truck is perfect for strapping on a surfboard, letting your hair back, and coasting down to the beach.

We can't get enough of the Mahalo's gnarly paint job - a three-tone paint job of a coral body, accented by a diagonal sea-spray design in seafoam green, edged in white.

The 1990 GMC Mahalo concept on display, ready to shred the streets.

Two-seat cockpit color scheme was a continuation of the exterior combination

We told you the GMC Mahalo would tempt you into grabbing your swimsuit! Now who's ready to go surfing and hang ten?

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