Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Buick Regal nearly surpasses BMW in new Consumer Reports' Top Picks

Consumer Reports' latest ‘Top Picks’ for 2014 has officially been released, and making headlines is the new Buick Regal. Consumer Reports is one of the longest-running and most respected auto-reviewing organizations in the world. According to USA Today the new list renders, “the Buick Regal about the equal of the much more expensive BMW 328 and Mercedes-Benz C250.” [1]

Consumer Reports' list of Top Picks, includes 10 vehicle segments. Based on reliability, safety, and test performance, one vehicle is selected in each segment. Consumer Reports says, “Each is an exceptional, well-­rounded vehicle, chosen from more than 260 we’ve recently tested. They have excelled in our testing, are reliable, and have performed well in independent crash tests. In other words, it’s hard to go wrong with any of them.”

The most recent ‘Top Picks’ list has just been released for 2014, and there’s one car making headlines, the 2014 Buick Regal. The Buick Regal finished second in Consumer Reports' sport sedan segment. Now you may be asking, why is everyone avid about a vehicle that finished second on the list? And, the answer is simply, the Buick Regal finished just 1 point behind BMW’s 328i. The 328i got the better of the Regal by only 1 point, while the price tag suggests otherwise. Shoppers for a luxury sports sedan will find the Buick Regal with a starting MSRP of $29,690; while the BMW 328i has a starting MSRP of $37,400.

So there you have it, the reason everyone is talking about the 2014 Buick Regal. The 328i squeaked by with the lead, edging out the Regal by one single point; while, new car buyers can save thousands with the Buick Regal, with a starting MSRP difference of $7,710. As stated above, Consumer Reports grades the vehicles on several categories including reliability, safety, and test performance.

“The Regal is a thoroughly developed and satisfying mid-sized sports sedan that’s more reminiscent of a German sports car than the softly sprung luxo-barges that Buick was once known for,” Jake Fisher, Consumer Reports’ director of automotive testing, said in a statement.

In fact, of all the luxury sport sedans Consumer Reports evaluated, only the BMW 328i, Mercedes-Benz C250, and the Buick Regal were recommended. According to Automotive News, “The magazine’s engineers found the Regal’s performance, handling and easy-to-use infotainment system especially appealing, helping it beat the Volvo S60 in a head-to-head road test.[2]

In the highly competitive world of sports sedans, you've got to keep moving. When you look at the 2014 Buick Regal's design, performance, technology and safety, you'll see it's done what all world class athletes do; improve. The Buick designers have added intensity into the evolution of the Regal's sleek shape.

The 2014 Buick Regal is powered by a new 2.0L Turbo DOHC DI 4-cylinder engine. Its 259-hp performance is impressive, but what you'll really feel is the responsive torque. It delivers 90 percent of its 295 lb-ft peak torque from 3000 rpm to 4000 rpm for power on demand. It's the kind of low-rpm punch that makes pulling away from stoplights a guilty pleasure.

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[2] Automotive News, "Buick Regal, Volvo S60 join Consumer Reports' list of top upscale, sports sedans"

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