Tuesday, May 10, 2016

2016 Buick Drive For Your Students with Broken Arrow High School

BAHS' Jason Jedamski, Fergie Bear and Cody Teegerstrom
Ferguson Buick GMC has been a part of the Broken Arrow community for over 25 years - a quarter of a century! We've always made it our goal to give back to our community. One group, in particular, that the Ferguson family especially loves to invest in is the Broken Arrow youth. That's why we were honored to partner with the Broken Arrow High School for our most recent Buick Drive For Your Students.

Schools are constantly seeking dynamic opportunities to support their extracurricular activities, sports programs and graduation projects. With Oklahoma's recent education budget cuts, it's become increasingly difficult for schools to provide funding for these types of events and activities. As an integral part of the community, Ferguson Buick GMC wanted to help our local school. So we partnered with Broken Arrow School during our 2016 Buick Drive For Your Students fundraiser.

The Buick Driver For Your Students fundraising event works like this: Our dealership works with a local, public high school to host a one day test drive event to raise money for their school. Buick will donate $10 for every valid test drive taken. If the event exceeds 100 test drives, Buick will double their donation to $20 per valid test drive. Up to $10,000 can be raised for the school from a single event! And to top it off, each participant that chooses to receive communication from GM will be eligible for the GM Educator’s Discount.
Ferguson Buick GMC's JT Douglas with a test driver at the Buick Drive For Your Students fundraiser

The Broken Arrow High School is a true pillar to our community. It was our honor to work with BAHS during this fundraising event. The school is planning on using the proceeds as part of their Project Graduation campaign.

We hope to be able to work with Broken Arrow High School, for next year's Buick Drive For Your Students. Stay tuned to our Facebook page, to learn more about next year's fundraising event; we hope you'll show up, take the wheel, and accelerate a better future for our community!

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